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Thank you for leaving us reviews on boutique maman

This page has been specially created to collect the opinions of our customers, whether they are negative or positive, do not hesitate to send them to us.

Your opinions serve as a guide to help us improve our weaknesses and consolidate our achievements.

Keep in mind that Boutique Maman is always concerned about offering the best service to its customers, your satisfaction is our priority.

Dear customers and future customers, our site is the target of malicious people who try to sully our pages with false reviews for several months now. Some competitors also participate in this detestable practice by posting false reviews via platforms, just to sully the reputation of mom’s store.
We ignored them for a while thinking they would stop but they continue. We decided to act in order to put it. We will explain step by step how this system works.

The Trustpilot platform

For those who don’t know it, it’s an online rating / evaluation platform that looks a bit like tripadvisor but has more than dubious practices. Indeed, they canvass you and propose you to subscribe, just to allow customers to rate your products and services. We did not follow up on their proposal and the blackmail began.

The blackmail of Trustpilot

After our refusal, we started receiving tons of negative reviews from fake customers. Surprised, our technical department decided to investigate in order to find out more about the origin of the fake reviews. They discovered that the companies that refused Trustpilot’s offer were also receiving fake reviews. The platform has developed an algorithm that only allows negative reviews to pass, it blocks all positive ones, meaning that people who have left four or five stars will never appear in the comments. You will find some captures that attest our words. Some competitors also bring their stone to this demolition company, this is not the way they will have customers. This is a waste of time!

Why this practice?

Because the more bad reviews there are, the less sales there are, which forces you to sign up for the famous subscription they offer. We sent them a letter asking for explanations, they replied that the reviews are always checked before being published, which is not true. Our teams created fake profiles and posted reviews with . If you have any doubts, hesitations related to the bad comments, contact us by mail or via Messenger, we will answer all your questions.

Manipulation of notices

The reviews posted via Trustpilot are manipulated. Companies like Amazon , Shopify, Zara Mango etc are all victims of the said platform. They receive negative feedback because they did not give in to the pressure and refused to take out a subscription.

You can by yourself by creating a fake profile, you will manage to post a review on any online sales site via Trustpilot . There is no control, no verification before publication.

As you can see, if you read a negative review on Boutique Maman from Trustpilot , it is a fake. Refer to the reviews left on the product page.

Covid-19 related delays

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has had a heavy impact on businesses, and we are one of them. We have received several complaints from customers via comments and emails denouncing the delays in deliveries, we are sorry. Please know that we understand your dissatisfaction and that it is perfectly justified. There are still some slowdowns but we are very much of the level we have in March and April. We apologize to all those who have suffered this inconvenience. The express delivery put on standby during the containment is again available. If you wish to receive your parcels in a shorter time, opt for the paid delivery.Boutique maman wishes you all a nice vacation!

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